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Want to become a member?

Starting Monday, August 21 you can renew your membership for $90 for the year (until Aug 31, 2018). However, renewals will end when 100 adults and 20 juniors are registered. On Sept 1, non-members can also register to fill any remaining slots.

However, you can still play even if you are not a member by paying a visitor fee of $5/visit.

Throughout the year, if attendance drops, then a small number of slots will be opened for new members. (Basically, if the average attendance drops below a certain number "N" over the course of a week, then some slots will be opened and those who have emailed me requesting memberships will be contacted. "N" = 8 x the number of playable courts; N=32 if just the four corner courts are available and it will be higher if any of the center courts are also playable).

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Be sure to select ADULT if you are age 18 and older. For FAMILIES, all members must have the same primary phone number (A family is 1 or 2 adults plus any number of kids under age 18).

Bring your registration receipt to be allowed into the gym.
The CHS gym is frequently very crowded, so you must be at least high school age to play in that gym when adults are waiting.

Basic coaching is offered on Sunday nights at the Western Tech gym. Please contact Sigen Chen

Membership rates:
Payment is for the remainder of the current 12 months period (Sept 1, 2017 - Aug 31, 2018).

Use VISA or MasterCard
$90 for an individual
$180 for a family
$10 handling cost for a refund to your credit card
Rate may be reduced every 4 months, from $90 (Aug 21-Dec 31) to $60 (Jan-Apr) to $30 (May-Aug 20)

For further information, please email: